Having appeared on Broadway in so many shows with contemporary scores, what are your thoughts on the place of rock on Broadway? And, hip-hop, for that matter?

MG: Oh, I think it’s great when it happens - I think that’s what theatre is and what it should be, really. I mean, yeah, theatre can take us back in time and that is good, but I think that theatre is about the present and being in the now - and that’s music that is happening now. I think it’s so important to have contemporary writers who are writing for this generation and what they want to hear and writing music that is touching them.

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"I will never leave you…" #FunWithBills [x]

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Happy Birthday, Christian Borle! [October 1, 1973]

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Cast members during curtain call for Indian Ink Off-Broadway Opening Night at Roundabout Theatre Company’s Laura Pels Theatre

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